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Work on your own terms, but never work alone

High call volume • Competitive rates • Flexible schedule

As an interpreter using VRI Gateway, you work on a freelance contractor basis, giving you the freedom to take only the assignments you want, as your schedule allows. But you’ll also have access to a network of professional support and training experts at Bromberg & Associates, an interpreter-owned language solutions company with nearly twenty years of experience in the industry.


Work towards your professional growth

VRI Gateway is partnered with Interpreter Education Online, a professional support network for freelance interpreters that provides dozens of language-specific legal and medical interpretation training courses. Many of those courses qualify as education credits towards CCHI, NBCMI, RID and various state interpreter certification programs, all of which allow you to take on new types of higher-paying assignments.

Get more calls and more chances to earn

Bromberg’s business is growing throughout the U.S. and around the world, and the company always needs more interpreters to meet increased demand. That’s good news for interpreters – when you sign on to work through VRI Gateway, you’ll be supplied with serious call volume at highly competitive rates.


When you sign on to contract through VRI Gateway as an interpreter, you get:

  • High call volume
  • Competitive rates of pay
  • Flexible hours
  • Assignments in a range of fields and industries
  • Personalized support from Bromberg’s interpreting department
  • Professional development opportunities through Interpreter Education Online