Welcome to Gateway To Access

A state-of-the-art Video Remote Interpreting platform.


How it works

Gateway To Access is the online hub for a global network of hundreds of highly qualified interpreters assembled in partnership with Bromberg & Associates, an interpreter-owned language solutions company with nearly twenty years of experience in the industry. All of the interpreters working through Gateway To Access have also been vetted in partnership with Interpreter Education Online, an online language-specific training and testing company

Language service companies

Language service companies that sign up for Gateway To Access gain immediate access to a large interpreter pool, allowing them to create a new Gateway To Access service offering or expand their existing interpreting department with on-demand and pre-scheduled service in 200 languages (including ASL)


Businesses, healthcare providers, government agencies, and other organizations

Access Gateway To Access’s global interpreter network for healthcare appointments, meetings, conference calls, office visits, or any other situation where language barriers make communication difficult. Just download the Gateway To Access app — available on computers, tablets, smart phones, and other mobile devices with MacOS or Windows operating systems — and seamless communication is only a click away.


Interpreters working as independent contractors through Gateway To Access and Bromberg receive a significant call volume at highly competitive rates of pay. Along with flexible work hours, interpreters also gain access to a network of training and support specialists and professional development opportunities.